“You are my go-to when I need an editor, proofreader and writer. You are a jack of all trades in terms of grasping the concept, adjusting your writing style to my voice and then polishing it all up into a package I can seamlessly pass on to my client. Your competence and follow-through are impeccable.”

Content creation and editing

“Wow!  Your edits have made the piece so much clearer and easier to understand.  Most importantly, I feel the reader has more insight into my story. You challenge me to go so much deeper.  Thank you! I am so grateful!”

Short story editing

“You helped me conceptualize my personal brand platform and rewrite my resume to be more effective and impactful. You showed me the importance of key words and how to be more succinct in my messaging.

“I am so thankful for your guidance and expertise. I’m sure that I couldn’t have done this without you. You are great at what you do because you are honest and tell it like it is.”

Personal brand platform

“Oh Cynthia. You are the bomb!  That reads so well. I mean, I wished I could have drafted it better, but as a great editor, you helped me paint a better picture. And you strengthened the suspense of my story in a more coherent way. Thank you so much. Where have you been all our lives!”

Short story editing

“I *knew* you’d be the person to do this!!! What a professional, stellar press release!!! It has all the information we need in clear, crisp graphs. And you turned it around SO fast. You are truly one powerhouse lady. 

“Thank you SO SO much for your hard and fabulous work!! I appreciate you so much.” 

Press release

“You have a keen eye for detail, and a good ear for the phrase. How fortunate we are to have a dedicated and gifted editor/writer such as yourself. This is a HUGE task you’ve taken on. I see you’re more than equal to the requirements.” 

Short story editing

“Amazing job, thank you.  You’ve put so much thought and love into this session, you are awesome. I think it’s spot on.”

Personal brand platform workshop

“A special thanks to you for making it better than I could ever have done.”

Book editing

“You are so awesome!! Wow, you have a way of making it all flow. I love it!” 

Short story editing