Cynthia Gellis – writer, editor, content strategist.

A practitioner of broad thinking strategies, Cynthia Gellis strongly believes in the power of curiosity. She is enthusiastic about exploring new subjects and has a knack for translating niche topics and jargon into widely accessible prose.

She works as a freelance editor (developmental, copy/line, and proofreading), content creator, and brand strategist. Her clients include university research institutes, child development facilities, small nonprofits, alternative healthcare practitioners, historians, architects, indie authors, and individuals looking for help with their professional brand documents (resumes, bios, LinkedIn profiles, etc.).

Although meticulous and excruciatingly detail-oriented, she is known for bringing a sense of fun to creatively solving problems. Her clients appreciate her combination of active open-mindedness, thoughtful insights, and ruthless editing.

She holds a master’s degree in communication management from the University of Southern California and bachelor’s degrees in sociology and in dance from the University of California at Irvine.

Looking for a way to satisfy her natural curiosity and her passion for language, Cynthia began blogging in 2018. In addition to helping her to find her voice outside of the business writing purview, blogging proved to be a gateway form, and soon she began dabbling in short fiction. Her short stories have been published in the Rough Writers 2019 and 2020 Anthologies.

Cynthia considers her college job teaching ballet to preschoolers as one of her most valuable professional experiences. There she learned three priceless life lessons:

  1. Keep it simple;
  2. Make it fun; and
  3. It doesn’t have to be perfectly your way to be perfectly wonderful (aka: don’t be a micro-manager).