National Book Lovers Day

August ninth marked the observance of National Book Lovers Day, a day that encourages people to put down their devices (unless that device is an e-reader I suppose) and read a book!

I am currently reading around three and a half books:

  • Women Who Run with Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes (a reread – but this time I’m taking notes)
  • Pilgrimage to Dollywood by Helen Morales
  • Women & Power, a Manifesto by Mary Beard
  • The Dharma Bums by Jack Keroac (this is another re-read and I’m not feeling that into it, I may put it back on the shelf)

Some books I have read recently that I really enjoyed:

  • Dreyer’s English, An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style by Benjamin Dreyer (yes, it is a grammar/English usage book and yes, I laughed out loud many times while reading it)
  • Range, Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World by David Epstein (I felt my entire existence was vindicated)
  • Circe by Madeline Miller (spoiler – I didn’t love how it ended)
  • Antigone Rising by Helen Morales (if you have two X chromosomes, this might get you riled up)
  • How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan
  • Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver (see, sometimes I read fiction; a suggestion from a friend)
  • City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert (see, more fiction; another suggestion from another friend)

As much as I love books and I love to read, I don’t love to keep ALL the books in my house. I was really into Larry McMurtry for a while; I had pretty much every book that he had written through 1998 or so and in the course of one move I got rid of all of them. I’ve only read one new Larry McMurtry book since then, but I loved it so much I’m almost feeling like I need to get my paws on a new copy of Lonesome Dove or Terms of Endearment. But I’m also trying to make a point of reading women authors, so revisiting Larry McMurtry may have to wait a little longer.

Much like all the cat holidays, I feel like National Book Lovers Day can be celebrated year-round. Here are some ways to celebrate National Book Lovers Day any day of the year:

  • Read a book!
  • Pass a book along to a friend.
  • Return a book that you borrowed from a friend.
  • Buy a book from your local, independent bookstore. Or any independent bookstore (they all ship). Page Against the Machine is my favorite independent bookstore here in Long Beach (I might know the owner). Chris carries an excellently curated selection of new and used books in the political and social justice genres.  However, he also is very happy to custom order any title that you are looking for.
  • Order a custom bookstack watercolor for yourself or a friend. Trying to think of what books I would want for my bookstack gives me anxiety, but if you know what you would pick, check out the Etsy shop of my friend Kiersten: ShortstackByKiersten.

Did you or are you going to celebrate National Book Lovers Day? What are you reading now?  Any suggestions of books to check out?

4 Replies to “National Book Lovers Day”

  1. I am reading “The Splendid and the Vile” by Erik Larsen. Have read most of his books. Just finished “Spillover” by David Quammen. It’s about the virus and the many more viruses that will soon be coming our way. Just finished “White Fragility” and declare it a pile of crap. Cannot believe the traction this woman has gained in this country. Loved “The Dutch House” by Ann Patchett. Will read more by her. Now reading “Springtime for Snowflakes” by a professor at NYU who was pilloried for his views on PC censorship in our institutions of higher learning. I am thinking of reading a trash novel just to give my brain a break. Something funny by Carl Haaisen might do.

  2. So many books, so little time! Does anyone know of a speed reading course I can take? I think I will look into that. I remember Evelyn Wood had courses in the past.
    I am reading “Murphy’s Law,” by our friend, Cary T. Kellems and edited by another friend, Cynthia Gellis. I am enjoying the short stories.
    I am also reading “A Confederacy of Dunces,” an unusual book. They tried to make it into a movie many times but the lead actor’s would pass away. Kramer of Seinfeld owned the rights for a long time, not sure if he still does.
    Cynthia, I am jealous that you are able to read so many books. You continue to impress me. 🙂

  3. Larry McMurtry brings his characters to life and captures the reader from the beginning. I’m a huge fan of his. Thank you for the book suggestions. I’ll follow your lead!

  4. I love reading and I am so delighted to celebrate National Book Lovers Day!
    I’m reading a couple of books right now: American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson, Fatburn Fix by Dr. Cate Shanahan, Boss of the Grips by Eric K. Washington, The Power of Charm by Brian Tracy, Plague by Kent Heckenlively and Judy Mikovitz, PHD, and The Old Man And Mr. Smith by Peter Ustinov. I loved reading: The Sociopath Next door by Martha Stout, ph.d, Lead from the Outside by Stacey Abrahms, Becoming by Michelle Obama, POP by Sam Horn and I’m Still Here: Black Dignity In A World Made For Whiteness by Austin Channing Brown. My absolute favorite was, A Gentleman In Moscow by Amor Towles. Most of my books are now on Kindle, and I can read and re-read my books any at time. I love carrying my library in my purse. Cynthia you make Wednesdays Wonderful. Thank for your brilliant innovative mind in setting our minds & hearts singing with “The In Between Things!!!!

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